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You now have several options available to you via the menu to the left. 

Available options include

  • Get HTML Code: Example HTML snippets to display the Flipbook on your own website
  • Viewer Analytics: Track the number of people who view your Flipbook or the number of clicks made on the links it contains 
  • Customize: Change your Publication Title, turn on/off certain toolbar buttons, turn on/off the sound when the pages are flipped or even Password protect your Flipbook. Add an image to the left of your Flipbook such as an advert or viewer instructions.
  • Set Background: Change the background color or use an image for the background
  • Link Editor: Add Links into your Flipbook to Websites, Videos or even Audio clips
  • Table of Contents: Add a Table of Contents to your Flipbook giving your viewers easy shortcuts to pages and articles.

If this was your first conversion an account has been setup for you and an email has been sent to the email address provided with login details. Your login ID is the email address you used when uploading this publication.

When logged in you can review all of the Flipbooks uploaded using your email address. In addition you can monitor the number of times your Flipbooks have been viewed.

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