Q. How do I create my own FlipBook

It costs NOTHING for you to try our service. All you need to do is upload your PDF, Word or Powerpoint document, our software does the rest. After the Flipbook is created you can review it for 7 days without purchase....Create a Flipbook today, no charge, by clicking here

Q. Can the Flipbook be viewed on mobile devices

Yes. Our Flipbooks can be viewed on all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones

Q. Can the Flipbook be viewed in all of the modern popular browsers

Yes. Our Flipbooks can be viewed in all of the modern popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer 11.
However Internet Explorer 11 is not capable of displaying a Flipbook which has over 200 pages.

Q. How much does it cost to create a Flipbook

You can create trial Flipbooks at no cost that have a TRIAL watermark and are deleted after 7 days.

For complete pricing information and volume discounts click here

If you plan to create a number of Flipbooks during the year we recommend that you take a look at the Flipdocs Pro plan as you can create an almost unlimited number of Flipbooks for a single annual fee....more

Q. Do I have to do anything special to the PDF I want to convert.

There are a few things you can do to a PDF that will make the conversion process more successful. Please review the PDF Optimization Tips page for suggestions

Q. How can I show the Flipbook on my website

When you upload your PDF, Word or Powerpoint file we make it easy for you by providing a number of Html code examples that you can use to show your Flipbook on your website.... more

Q. How long is my Flipbook available for

If you are a Flipdocs Pro member then your Flipbook is available for as long as your accout is active. Otherwise we keep your FlipBook active for 12 months after purchase. If you need a longer period than a small charge will be made, please see the pricing page for actual charges.

Q. Is there a minimum number of pages that my document must have to be converted? 

No, we can convert files upto 999 pages however a 1 page pdf does not make much of a Flipbook ;-)

Q. Do my pages have to be a certain size

Our Flipbook convertor can handle any size of document from Letter to Tabloid, portrait or landscape. Including processing single and double page spreads. However you should click here to read our recommendations.

Q. What do all the buttons do when viewing the Flipbook

You can find that out here.

Q. Can I download the Flipbook files to host on my own server or put them onto a CD.

The Flipbook files are tightly integrated into our system to track the number of people viewing the Flipbook and number of times people click on the links. Therefore the files have to be hosted on our server.

However you can display your Flipbook in a page on your own website. Just see the Html Code examples that are available when you upload your document. You viewers never have to leave your website.

Q. I have updated my document. How can I replace my current Flipbook with the new version.

You cannot replace individual pages in a Flipbook and only Flipdocs Pro subscribers can replace a complete Flipbook. If you use the "Pay as Go" plan and you want to create a Flipbook with your updated document then you have to upload it as you did originally and pay the usual conversion charge

Q. I want to upgrade my account to the Flipdocs Pro Plan. Can my previous Flipbook purchases be credited to the Flipdocs Pro fee.

Purchases made within the previous 28 days can be used as credits against the Flipdocs Pro Plan. If this applies to you then please contact sales@flipdocs.com to claim the credits

Q. How do I link to a specific page within my Flipbook

Add &P=x to the end of the url to your Flipbook where x = the page number you want to link to.

ie: http://view.flipdocs.com/?ID=10000043_452238&P=10

Q. I am a Pro Subscriber but my Flipbook still shows the "DEMO" message

We never automatically “activate” Flipbooks even if the user is a Pro subscriber. This is because many of our users upload several different versions of their publications until they get the one the want to keep. The unwanted Flipbooks get automatically deleted after 5 days, therefore keeping their account clear of unwanted Flipbooks 

When you create a Flipbook, if you are happy with it and want to keep it then you need to click on the “Activate” button

Q. I am a Pro Subscriber, can I allow other people to use my account

Yes, on your Account settings page you can add up to 2 additional users to your account