PDF Optimisation - Hints and Tips

When our system converts your PDF into a Digital Flipbook we try to maintain the best quality while keeping the page file size as small as possible to improve the Flipbook loading times.

As a guide you should try to make the average page size of your PDF less than 500KB. So a 10 page PDF should be no larger than 5MB. Any larger than that will not improve the on screen quality of the document but it will increase the time it takes for your Flipbook to load.

Print quality PDFs are far larger than is needed to create a Flipbook, they usually have a quality of 600dpi or higher. We recommend that PDFs used to create Flipbooks are 150dpi but you may be okay upto 300dpi. 

If a flipbook page size exceeds 600KB we perform additional conversion steps in an attempt to reduce the page size further, to improve loading speed. 

You can assist in this optimization by creating your PDF's using the hints and tips described on these pages:-