PDF to Flipbook Pricing

Pay As You Go

Pay for your Flipbooks as and when you need them
  • Base conversion - (up to 20 pages) £20.00

  • Each additional page is £0.65

  • Hosting for the 1st year at no charge

  • Search Engine Tagging at no charge

  • Link editor at no charge

  • Hosting after 1 year for just £6.50/year! (optional)

Flipdocs Pro

Create an unlimited number of Flipbooks for only £23.50 per month, or £235.00 per year! No additional fees!
  • Base conversion - (up to 20 pages) no charge!

  • Each additional page at no charge!

  • Hosting (with active subscription) no charge!

  • Search Engine Tagging at no charge!

  • Link editor at no charge!

  • 2 additional users. No Charge!

Optional Extras

White Label flipbook license.

Replace our “Powered by Flipdocs” message with one of your own or remove it all together. The license covers all converted Flipbooks on your account


* All prices exclude VAT. VAT may be subject to change depending on your country of residence.

Discounts may be available for non-profit organisations. Contact us at sale@flipdocs.com for more information

Refund Policy:

As Flipbooks are available fully functional for 7 days on a “Try before you Buy” basis. While we have a “NO REFUND” policy, we pride ourselves on the great relationships we have with our clients, so we will review each request for refunds on a case by case basis. If you would like us to review your refund request then please send an email to sales@flipdocs.com

Delivery Policy: As Flipdocs is an online service no physical goods are delivered. All purchases of services become immediately available upon receipt of payment