Create Unlimited Flipbooks with Flipdocs Pro

No additional or hidden charges!!!

Flipdocs Pro is a subscription based service for publishers that want to publish digital media on a regular basis.

Our annual subscription costs less than $1 a day.

and get 12 months for the price of 10 months when compared to the monthly subscription.

Whether you publish daily, weekly or monthly

the Flipdocs Pro service allows you unlimited uploads for only $35 per month, or $350 per year!

With a Pro subscription, you can allow 2 other users to access your account and create Flipbooks

* All prices exclude VAT. VAT may be subject to change depending on your country of residence.

Discounts may be available for non-profit organisations. Contact us at for more information

While your Flipdocs Pro subscription is active your Flipbooks will never expire.

Thats right! No Flipbook activation charges, no additional page charges and no hosting fees!

We recommend the Pro plan for clients wanting to upload large documents with many pages, such as catalogues, which need frequent replacement or updates.

There are some limits and terms and conditions which you can view by clicking here